Monday, December 2, 2013


Well, here we are post Thanksgiving, and pre-Christmas. Not much chance for a lull, though. Our Decembers are always busy. We have 3 birthdays (mommy-18th, son-21st, daughter-27th) and Christmas (25th of course) all within a 10 day span. Not to mention, the work Christmas parties, friends parties, church, etc, etc. Apparently we did not plan that well...Anyway, it's always busy, but usually fun. In light of that upcoming frenzy, and given that our out of town family had to cancel their Turkey Day trip to see us, we decided to head out of town, save ourselves a lot of work, and just relax. Thanks to my brother's long time work with Marriott, we are able to get away and get a great rate...yes, we probably have abused him due to said discount, but I am sure he forgives us. We took meemaw and the 2 kids and headed to Wrightsville Beach, NC. As I said it was a relaxing time, and the very first time we had ever done anything like it for Thanksgiving. We found a restaurant that served a family style traditional Thanksgiving meal and everything. A good time was had by all. We toured a battleship, the USS North Carolina, trudged through several shops, walked along the river, found some great Greek food, and played games in our hotel (even got a call from the front desk at 10:30 one night asking us to keep it down, ironic since we're usually not the loud, late night types). I'm not sure we could make it into a tradition as we might start to miss the big gatherings, but it made a few good memories. So, sorry, no recipes today. I just wanted to say, we should all remember to be thankful for what we have every day, not just once a year, and look forward to the good times ahead. Try something new once in a while. I hope everyone had a wonderful Turkey Day.

Anthony and meemaw, he's a little downhill, and she's wearing heels, but he's already passed her up on the old height


Val testing a top bunk on the USS NC

Torpedos bigger than him...

Turkey Day meal, quite good and no cooking or clean up! 

For those who did not see on FB, I was sitting outside a shop waiting for my wife. I started talking to an elderly guy doing caricatures. When My wife finally returned, and I got up to go, he handed me this , no charge. I didn't even see him drawing. We left a good tip, though. Nice guy.

Happy belated Thanksgiving, and may we all remember the real reason for the upcoming season.

Buon Appetito!

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